Hidden Treasures Found in the Maritime Museum
All Greek islands have got a rich tradition, when it comes to their nautical past and their accomplishments in this field. Santorini could not be the exception to this rule and this is why there are so many stories to be told about the locals who have developed a significant force in maritime. In Oia, you can have a look at some of the exhibits that prove such a rich history full of legends and great achievements. They are all found in the Nautical Museum (or else Maritime Museum) that is indeed an old mansion transformed into a museum for the needs of the people.
Inside the museum, you will be able to learn more details about the previous centuries, as far as maritime is concerned. You can find some truly amazing tools and other pieces of equipment, along with their descriptions for every traveller to fully understand what each item had been used for. Besides the exhibits that are available for the public, there are also documents that have to do with nautical operations and sales, as well as agreements and contracts. These are the most eloquent proof of the wealthy past of the people in the island regarding the navy. Of course, in Oia there is a small port that is called Ammoudi. This is the place where the boats used to sail in the past and transfer people and merchandise to other villages of the island or to other islands nearby. There are 300 steps waiting for you before reaching the port, so you had better be prepared!
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